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I am so excited you’re here! First I want to congratulate and acknowledge your dedication to yourself. You’re showing up and putting in the work to achieve becoming the creative badass you already are!


My first course will cover, how to groom a poodle in an Asian Fusion - Teddy Bear Style. I’ll walk you through my process on how I sculpt these breeds into a fluffy cute teddy bear.


My motivation for this course is to give you easy to follow steps to achieve higher levels of grooming! I know it can be overwhelming especially if you’re a newbie groomer to know if you’re properly shaping the face or body. Believe me I get it, I was there too! So I have your back my friend!


YOU GOT THIS! Follow the videos in order from step 1 to 3. And remember grooming dogs takes patience and practice. “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”. These tips really work!


And when you’re in a vibe and feeling great about your groom, take a picture, hype yourself up that you did stunning job and tag me so I can see!!

Click on the link below to start!