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Grooming Packages

Bath & Haircut


Bath & Haircut Package

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning (no plucking)

  • Teeth brushing

  • Gland expression (only by request)

  • Shampoo & conditioner

  • Berry facial 

  • Hand dry & blow out

  • Haircut & Styling

  • We may have to add de-shedding to certain breeds with undercoats for us to provide the best and even haircuts. Breeds like american eskimo, australian shep, pomeranian, golden retrievers, etc) We will notify you if your pets needs the de-shedding added.

Price $110 ~ $400 depending on the size of your pooch, fur length, and styling requested by owner will change around the pricing.

** Requesting Arisa - Please keep in mind that Arisa does have a little higher rate compare to all of our groomers here in Blue Pooch.  Her rate will be $20 ~ $50 higher so please keep that in mind when you request her! Thank you for your understanding! **


Bath & Brush Package

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning (no plucking)

  • Teeth brushing

  • Gland expression (only by request)

  • Shampoo & conditioner

  • Berry facial 

  • Hand dry & blow out

  • Sani & pads

  • Certain breeds with undercoat is recommended to add de-shedding with the service for best bath results. (husky, samoyed, malamutes, american eskimo, australian shep, pomeranian, etc)

Price $45 ~ $200 depending on the size of your pooch & fur length



Topdog Package (no bath no haircut)

​For pooch who doesn't need A bath nor haircut.  This appointment will only take about 10 mins.

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning

  • Teeth brushing

  • Gland Expression (only by request)

Price   $30



Japanese - Asian Styling Package

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning (no plucking)

  • Teeth brushing

  • Hydra Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Berry facial

  • Gland expression (only by request)

  • Hand dry & blow out

  • Japanese-Asian styling haircut

Price $120 ~ $300+ depending on the size of your pooch, fur length, and styling requested by owner will change around the pricing.

Groomer Arisa's (IG arisathegroomer) styling will fall under this catagory.


Add on Services (Must be added on packages above)

  • Trim per area + $10 ~ $50

  • Flea & Tick Shampoo + $15 ~ $25

  • De-matting / Extra Brushing + $20 per 15 min

  • De-shedding service + $10 ~ $50

  • Hand-stripping + $25 ~ $100 (added to bath & haircut service, please call with better quote)

  • Extra Handling Fee $15 ~ $40 (added when we need an assistant for biter, hard to groom, or for older dogs)

  • Rush Service / Straight-Thru Service (first appointment only and only upon availability) 

  • Hair Dye starting $30 per area ($15-$25 per additional area / Entire body $150 & up)

A la Carte Service (no grooming service needed)

  • Nail trimming $15 (XS & S) - $18 (M, L&XL)

  • Gland Expression (external) $15

  • Pads Trim $10

  • Teeth Brush $15

  • Ear Cleaning $10

Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

Blue Pooch is now offering non-anesthetic dental cleaning by Smile Specilist

every 4th Tuesday & Saturday.

(WestLA Location Only)​

$165 per pet

CLICK HERE to book your appointment

Grooming Prices


Our pricing does change depending on the size, fur length, styling you request and time we spend on them.  The price sheet below will be an estimate.  Once we meet your pooch and receive your request on the styling, the price may vary.

Price List 2023 - PDF
Grooming FAQ


What's Japanese styling?
Simple. Our goal is to make your pooch look like a cutest stuffed animal.  Japanese grooming is a new popular trend in the grooming industry that makes your pooch look more like a stuffed animal or a teddy bear. We don't like to shave much (unless we have to), we like to keep your pooch fluffy so our grooming might take a bit longer than other grooming salon. 

What make us different?
For us to provide this fancy artistic cute look, providing a good bath & blow out becomes very important.  We hand-dry them & straight out the coat (yes, just like humans) fluff them up to give some volume to its coat. That way, we can create that perfect round muzzle, round face & ears.

How come we don't have a set price? 
Our grooming price changes depending on the size of your pooch, breed, coat texture, fur length and styling YOU request.  All pooches are different and so are the owner's request on their pet's hair styling.  That is the reason why our pricing is different for every pet and clients.

How long do you keep our pooch?
We are a drop off service. We ask owners to give us about 3 - 4 hours for bath & haircut (doodles and larger breeds could be longer) and about 1.5 ~ 2.5 hours for bath & brush.  If de-matting is involved please ask for estimate. If you need them back faster please ask for a straight-through service and we only provide them first appointment.

Can you groom my pooch without kenneling?
Yes, we call it a "straight-through" appointment but we can only offer this on our first appointment slot. Groomer can start right away when you drop off in the morning then we can call you 20 mins before we finish so you can head back to our salon. But please keep in mind if you don't come back right away, they will have to wait inside the kennel so please stay near by.  

Can you groom matted dogs?
It's hard to answer without seeing the condition of your pooch. We can let you know at the time of drop off if the matting are brush-able or not. But please remember that we do charge $30 per hour to brush them out. If the condition is really bad, we can only offer to shave it down very short (like a summer cut).

Do you have to use FLEA/TICK SHAMPOO if my pooch has fleas or ticks?
YES. Normal shampoo does not kill the flea(s) or tick(s) that is on your pooch so we HAVE to use the flea/tick shampoo to prevent those insects to transfer to other client's pets. Please understand that there will be $15-$25 charge as soon as we spot them. We usually call the owner to notify the extra charge but the flea charge is non-negotiable.

Can you just provide a haircut only? I recently bathed my dog at home.
Sorry, we DO NOT offer a haircut only service. Bathing and fluffing the coat are the MOST important part of the grooming process for groomers to create a cute fluffy Japanese styling so giving them a bath & fluff them up professionally at the salon is required.  

When is your last appointment? 
Please contact the stores for their latest appointment available for that day.

What if I can't make the appointment? 

We do charge $30 for not showing up or last minute cancellation.  Please give us at least 24 hours notice to avoid the fee.

What if I can't pick up my dog before closing time? 

We understand things happen, but if we tried contacting you number of times and it has past our closing time, we do charge late pick up fee of $1 per minute.  If you are running behind, please contact our store immediately.

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